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You may be able to tell straight away that your scales are tipped a little too much towards the work side of things, yet sometimes it is difficult to recognise that you are struggling to strike the best balance.  You may not be able to see what for others in your life is obvious, or you may be having difficulty facing up to your problem.

Do you think you may be working too much?  Do you feel you might benefit from considering whether your life is as enjoyable as it could be, or are you afraid to look?  Find out below if your work-life balance is one-side heavy

How can I tell if I am a little off-balance?

People wrestling with a poor work-life balance often struggle with the following:

Have I Got a Problem with Stress?

You may think you don’t have an option when it comes to your job and how you view it, yet many people find that with an open mind and ability to take a different perspective, change and acceptance are possible in many situations.  On the next page we look at what can be done to regain the middle ground …

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