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Perhaps you started today with an early morning jog, or indeed have already been through to the gym and worked through your program card, carefully designed to either bulk you up or slim you down?  The benefits of regular exercise are well known and well-evidenced, promoted the world over by the health departments of governments interested in the wellbeing of their citizens.

While people go to the gym to tone their muscles and give their bodies a healthy workout, I would argue that there is real benefit to be had from looking after our minds too in a holistic approach.  Overwork and a high-pressure job can quickly lead to us zooming from 60 mph to zero, exhausted and bewildered.  Companies in many different countries now recognise the importance and value of ensuring that their employees’ mental health needs are catered for, and services are, thankfully, growing to meet that need.

Physical exercise is important, yes, but so is looking after our own internal sense of balance and equilibrium.  Spending time investing in our personal relationships and ironing out tensions there is one very helpful way of protecting ourselves from stresses and strains.  Learning more about our patterns of relating can help enhance our interactions with those we love (and also with those we have to get on with for various reasons).  Instead of pushing on regardless in pursuit of that project deadline, how would it be to reassess and alter your perspective a little?  Working smarter, not harder, is a skill that many find invaluable once they have found that way of working for themselves.  Stress reduction and wellness go hand in hand, and are perhaps part of a balanced approach to building resilience to help live fully in our busy world.

Would you be willing to give your mental wellbeing the same priority as you do your physical fitness?  How would you feel about having a personal trainer for your mind?

Rob Oglesby MBACP (Accred) B.A. (Hons) BSc | Ashwood Therapy

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A Gym For The Mind

A Gym For The Mind | Ashwood Therapy Wellbeing Blog