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Rain or Shine: Always Take the Weather With You

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Around the year 1992, the Australian rock group Crowded House released the song Weather With You, which was popular at the time and featured the lyrics "everywhere you go, always take the weather with you".  This song was a favourite of mine, both for the catchy tune and challenging call to see the sunshine in even the most dreary day.  This is perhaps easier said than done, but is possible, with practice.

Stressful periods in our lives can make everything seem grey and bleak, and being told that someone, somewhere, is having a worse day than you is rarely a help.  I think that one way of improving the outlook on a difficult day can be to fully accept the day for what it is; a bad day.  When this has been done (i.e. you have acknowledged that this day may not feel or go entirely as you would like it to), sometimes it is possible for you to move away from the grey almost automatically.  Days are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and philosophical acceptance of either is often more helpful than fighting (in denial) to change the prevailing wind.  I am not saying here that you should simply accept a low mood, but rather that in gently trying to improve your mood it may be wise to bear in mind that on some days this will be easier to achieve than on others.  Don't beat yourself up.

People suffering with clinical depression may think that there will never be a good day again.  Here, instead of trying to convince yourself that you are luckier than some other people in the world, it can be a help to appreciate that although the dark clouds are gathered over you at this particular time, somewhere else on the planet the sun is shining strongly and warmly.  Your clouds will pass, in the same way that the sunshine will fade at some stage for the person currently basking in its rays.  People without such a clinical diagnosis may have one or two bad days joined together, whereas the person with depression may have lots of bad days, one after the other.  Many people have learnt to manage low mood with the help of medication, counselling and lifestyle changes, and so never lose sight of the fact that just around the corner there may be a brighter day.

Do you watch the weather forecast eagerly, or are you prepared for whatever may come, rain or shine?

Rob Oglesby MBACP (Accred) B.A. (Hons) BSc | Ashwood Therapy

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