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Have you tried to lift your low mood already?  Are you worried about ‘letting it all out’, or reluctant to take medication to help you stop feeling down?  Get the facts about depression treatment

How do I cope?  How can I treat my depression?

Treatment for depression and persistent low mood usually involves talking things through with a professional counsellor, taking medication, or both:



You might be able to see more clearly now why feeling down can be an issue for some people either over the longer term or at specific points in their lives.  The final page offers some ‘dos and don’ts’ when addressing depression …

When taking anti-depressant medication it can take between two and four weeks before you feel the benefit of your low mood lifting.  It's important to give the medication chance to do its job before you make any judgements as to whether or not you feel that it is effective.  If you start to feel better, it is essential to consult your doctor before you stop taking the medication or reduce the dosage.

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