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Regaining Balance

… some further ideas to help you regain

balance in your life, by:

None of the changes suggested above are instant fixes, as new lifestyle choices take time to put into practice.  If you are finding it difficult to change your routine, you could first try changing your attitude to one of acceptance rather than resistance or resentment.  Searched for with a glad heart, solutions often present themselves more readily than when approached with a heavy frown.  The fact that you are reading this web page is a positive step towards learning how to maintain a better work-life balance!

If you are wanting to take steps to achieve a better work-life balance and would like to know more about how the online counselling service offered at Ashwood Therapy could assist you in making changes, you could book a free, no obligation initial consultation by video call or instant messaging (text) chat to talk things over with Rob.  It could be the first step towards getting things ‘back on track’.

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