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Feeling Down?

Can you recognise your own feelings in what is written above?  If you are tired of feeling down and wish to make some changes, read on for more information about the treatment of depression and what you can do to help yourself …

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I feel really low.  Am I depressed?

Are you feeling down?  Do you feel low, perhaps for no reason?  Not interested in the things that you used to enjoy?  On this and the following pages you will find information on low mood and how it can be tackled

What are the symptoms of clinical depression?

People suffering with depression often struggle with the following:

It is important to bear in mind that clinical depression is a mental health condition, and so it is best that it is properly diagnosed by a healthcare professional such as a doctor in the first instance.

How did this happen?  What are the causes of depression?

The causes of depression are a subject of discussion between doctors and healthcare professionals all over the world.  Some professionals believe that chemical imbalances in the brain can lead to depression, and others believe that challenges in a person’s environment are more likely to be to blame.  Most clinicians agree that these factors can play a part:


There is evidence that a tendency to become depressed can be passed down between generations; if you have a family history of low mood or depression you may be more likely to suffer with feeling down yourself.

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