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Feeling Down?

I feel really low.  Am I depressed?

Are you feeling down?  Do you feel low, perhaps for no apparent reason?  Not interested in the things that you used to enjoy?  Here you will find information on low mood and how it can be tackled

People suffering with depression often struggle with the following:

It is important to bear in mind that clinical depression is a mental health condition, and so it is best that it is properly diagnosed by a healthcare professional such as a doctor in the first instance.

The causes of depression are a subject of discussion between doctors and healthcare professionals all over the world.  Some professionals believe that chemical imbalances in the brain can lead to depression, and others believe that challenges in a person’s environment are more likely to be to blame.  Most clinicians agree that these factors can play a part:


There is evidence that a tendency to become depressed can be passed down between generations; if you have a family history of low mood or depression you may be more likely to suffer with feeling down yourself.

How do I cope?  How can I treat my depression?

Treatment for depression and persistent low mood usually involves talking things through with a professional counsellor, taking medication, or both:



When taking anti-depressant medication it can take between two and four weeks before you feel the benefit of your low mood lifting.  It's important to give the medication chance to do its job before you make any judgements as to whether or not you feel that it is effective. If you start to feel better, it is essential to consult your doctor before you stop taking the medication or reduce the dosage.

Some Dos and Don’ts when suffering from depression

If you recognise low mood and depression as problems in your life, and would like to know more about the online counselling service offered at Ashwood Therapy, you could book a free, no obligation initial consultation by video call or instant messaging (text) chat to talk things over with Rob.  It could be the first step towards getting things ‘back on track’.

Managing your mood by slowly adopting new lifestyle choices can be a great help in defeating depression.  Many people have learned, with support, that although clouds may come down they can lift and enjoyment of life can be regained

If you recognise yourself in the above description, the information here might help you to understand just what depression is, some of the causes of low mood and what might help you to start feeling more on top of things …

What are the symptoms of clinical depression?

How did this happen?  What are the causes of depression?

Have you tried to lift your low mood already?  Are you worried about ‘letting it all out’, or reluctant to take medication to help you stop feeling down?

Get the facts about depression treatment

Tackling depression:  If you have received a medical diagnosis of depression, or feel you might be displaying some of the symptoms, how is it best to tackle it?  There are some thoughts below to help you feel more in control of your mood

Is there anything I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be doing to help myself?

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