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Work-life balance: why is it important?

Do you find yourself struggling to fit it all in?  Is letting go and relaxing with friends and family difficult after a stressful day at work?  Read on for thoughts on how to manage a better work-life balance

Making small changes can have a big impact on your work-life balance

Here are some further ideas to help you regain balance balance in your life, by:

None of the changes suggested above are instant fixes, as new lifestyle choices take time to put into practice.  If you are finding it difficult to change your routine, you could first try changing your attitude to one of acceptance rather than resistance or resentment.  Searched for with a glad heart, solutions often present themselves more readily than when approached with a heavy frown.  The fact that you are reading this web page is a positive step towards learning how to maintain a better work-life balance!

If you are wanting to take steps to achieve a better work-life balance and would like to know more about how the online counselling service offered at Ashwood Therapy could assist you in making changes, you could book a free, no obligation initial consultation by video call or instant messaging (text) chat to talk things over with Rob.  It could be the first step towards getting things ‘back on track’.

If you can relate to some of what is written above, the information below may give you food for thought as to whether you are experiencing work-life balance difficulties and what to do about them …

Do you think you may be working too much?  Do you feel you might benefit from considering whether your life is as enjoyable as it could be, or are you afraid to look?  Find out below if your work-life balance is one-side heavy

Do I have a problem with stress?  How can I tell if I am a little off-balance?

You may be able to tell straight away that your scales are tipped a little too much towards the work side of things, yet sometimes it is difficult to recognise that you are struggling to strike the best balance.  You may not be able to see what for others in your life is obvious, or you may be having difficulty facing up to your problem.  People wrestling with a poor work-life balance often struggle with the following:

You may think you don’t have an option when it comes to your job and how you view it, yet many people find that with an open mind and ability to take a different perspective, change and acceptance are possible in many situations.  Further below we look at what can be done to regain the middle ground …

Coping with stress:  If you feel you may be suffering from an imbalance in your weekly routine, what can you do about it?  You might find that a few of the ideas outlined below make a big difference in regaining control of your wellbeing

What can I do to regain that important middle ground?

The answer, put simply, is to be prepared to change a few things, and accept a few others.

When possible, it is important to shift the focus more from work to things happening outside of the work environment, whether that be with yourself, your family and friends, or the natural world.  It is important to remember that some of the ideas listed below will be suitable for you to incorporate into everyday living, whereas others won’t be.  Finding out what helps you cope with stress is important as everyone’s situation will differ.  Clients of Ashwood Therapy have benefitted from these simple ways of managing stress to add more weight to the ‘life’ side of the work-life scale:

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