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Find out what people have to say about Rob and the counselling service provided at Ashwood Therapy

Client Testimonials

“Rob has helped me in understanding my own thoughts and putting a perspective on them, his demeanour and the way he speaks to people is second to none!  I can't thank him enough”

Client C

“I am very pleased with my therapy sessions with Ashwood Therapy.  Rob made me move my focus from the past to the future in a way that has been incredibly powerful.  It was very easy and convenient to use the online app, it meant I could easily fit the therapy into my day without having to add transportation time.  I found the sessions just as good in this way as doing them in person.  I highly recommend Ashwood Therapy to anyone who is looking for help”

Client A

“Rob is a dedicated and professional counsellor with highly developed therapeutic skills.  His presence is calm, warm and caring and he brings a highly experienced, person-centred approach to all his work for Bluebell Wood.  He has great empathy for his clients which inspires trust and confidence in all who work with him.  He is respectful of the diverse needs of clients and brings a genuine sensitivity to his work.  Rob is a highly-valued member of the hospice counselling team and we all find him a pleasure to work with”


Claire Rintoul

Chief Executive | Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

“Rob is a patient, thoughtful and warm therapist. He listens well, remembers details.  He has been a positive influence on me for the last few months and has helped me through a real time of flux”

Client B

 “I honestly cannot find the words to describe how grateful I am to Rob for the help and support he has provided me over the last few months.  I found myself in a place I never thought I would be following the death of my 3 year old daughter last summer.  Rob helped me in ways I never knew possible and I can’t thank him enough.  Not only has he helped me but he has also helped my family and friends.  Rob is truly worth his weight in gold!”

Client D

“I have known Rob since he began his counselling career some years ago when he joined Dove House Counselling Service.  He is someone I hold in the highest regard.  He is thoroughly professional in everything he does, showing a gentle strength, great empathy and consideration for others, whilst being totally reliable and trustworthy.  He takes professional development and ethical practice seriously.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services most highly and do so unreservedly.  Congratulations Rob on your strengths, your knowledge, and your attention to detail and professional preparation.  Those who find your services will be fortunate indeed”

Mary Flatman

Service Co-ordinator | Dove House Counselling Service